Lifetime Warranty

All wood slice tags come with a lifetime warranty! Each tag is a tiny little work of art and I'd hate to see it tossed.

These tags were designed to last your pet a lifetime, so this warranty ensures they stay in tip-top shape!

What's Covered:

  • Normal wear and tear (severely scratched surface, chips in resin, etc)
  • Wiggly/broken/rusted screw eye (not caused by dog/human inflicted damage)

What's Not Covered:

  • Damage from chewing, destroying, or irresponsible use
  • Changes in tag appearance
  • Failure to upkeep tag (routine cleaning/inspecting)


Shipping is covered if your tag is in need of repair.

For US customers, I will credit your account for the cost of First Class Mail to ship the item to me for repair.

International customers will need to cover the cost of shipping both ways, minus what it would cost a domestic customer (think of it like a shipping discount).

Please DM me for more info or to start the process of repairing your tag!