Processing Times

Digital Portraits: 3-4 weeks

Pet Tags: 2-3 weeks

Add-on Items: 2-3 weeks

Hand-painted Portraits: 4-6 weeks

Digital Pet Portraits

Start with a pet portrait illustration.

Your pet's portrait is hand-drawn and colored from your favorite photo. Each portrait is scanned and converted to a digital portrait. You can then use your portrait for themed addons! All pets are welcome!


Pet Tags

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Hand-painted Pet Portraits

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Pet Portraits + More

Paint & Paws is a woman-owned small business built with the help of an amazing pet-loving community. Togther we celebrate crazy pet owners and their furry best friends! I specialize in crafting unique pet portraits and accessories that capture the essence of your beloved pets. My passion for pets drives me to create personalized, one-of-a-kind pieces that truly represent the bond between you and your pet. Join me in cherishing those wagging tails and joyful moments with these handmade creations.